Why Therapy?

I believe therapy helps organize the chaos. All those thoughts and feelings that get tumbled around while living that feel difficult to grasp on to and understand. It gives us a chance to sit with ourselves for an hour a week, to explore, organize, and plan how we want to engage with life. 

Having a therapist as an outside perspective to help guide you through the process helps with that organization. The therapy hour may look different from person to person depending on their goals, but ultimately, it is used to help understand yourself and how you want to engage with the world.

My Therapy

I use a variety of therapeutic theories and techniques to tailor each therapy to the individual. Although I use multiple techniques and skills, I primarily draw my practice from Existential-Humanistic Theory and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). These two practices focus on our values, our purpose, authenticity, and fulfillment. 

Through therapy, I will work with you to identify your values and how you incorporate them into your life. We will look into what is working and not working and how we can improve things. We will explore your wants and needs, what brings joy, and who you want to be. While figuring these things out, we will identify ways you can “experiment” throughout the week to get information that will help guide you towards authenticity and fulfillment.

My Specialties


Men’s Issues



Relationship Issues

Identity Exploration

Life Transitions

Stress and Coping

My Fees and Policies

Individual Therapy: $125 per 50 minute session

A cancellation fee will be accrued if individual does not attend without prior notice or is canceled less than 24 hours from the session’s scheduled time. The cancellation fee is about half the session’s full cost: $60

Currently, I accept Aetna and Cigna insurance plans

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